Kubota Reveals New 8-Ton KX080-5 Compact Excavator at World of Concrete

The largest model in the company's lineup features a bigger, quieter cab and loads of features to make life easier for operators...

Kubota Reveals New 8-Ton KX080-5 Compact Excavator at World of Concrete

Kubota rolled out the next-generation of its largest compact excavator, the 8.4-metric-ton KX080-5, this week at World of Concrete.

The new compact excavator keeps the same specifications as its predecessor, but comes with a slew of new features designed to make it easier to operate, including a more comfortable, quieter cab; load-sensing hydraulics; and auto-idling and auto-engine stop. 

In the Cab

Kubota KX080-5 compact excavatorEquipment WorldStarting with the cab, Kubota gave the fifth-generation excavator a new interior design and convenient functions. It’s also quieter, down to 72 decibels when running, the company says.

Some new standard cab features are as follows:

  • Expanded glass area for better visibility when loading, unloading and digging. It enables operators to monitor left and right edges of the dozer blade when grading, and the bucket can be viewed overhead through the skylight when unloading.
  • Slimmer frame design for a roomier cab and more foot space.
  • Stronger air conditioning and heating system with eight vents for more circulation.
  • Keyless start. The engine can be started by entering a four-digit code on the in-cab keypad. Up to 10 passcodes can be saved.
  • Rearview camera, which Kubota says delivers a “fish-eye view” to the LCD screen of the rear of the excavator.
  • Air-suspension seat that can be adjusted by sliding back and forward and raised and lowered.
  • Joysticks on right and left that can be adjusted independently of the seat.
  • New slimmer, 7-inch, full-color LCD display screen with jog dial. It is more ergonomically positioned to the right and is designed to be quick and easy to use.
  • LED work lights with turn-off delay. The lights can be programmed to shut off within 30 seconds to 2 minutes after the engine stops, so the operator can see to exit the cab safely.
  • Phone holder and USB charger.
  • Back-lighted key pad with the main switches on the right side for easier access. 

On the Job

Kubota KX080-5 compact excavator rearEquipment WorldKubota says the new KX080-5 runs attachments more smoothly, thanks to a two-pump load-sensing hydraulic system. The hydraulic settings can be adjusted from the in-cab monitor.

The operator also doesn’t have to leave the cab to open and close the third line hydraulic return. Instead, it is automatically activated when one-way flow is selected on the cab’s digital panel.

A thumb and relief valve are standard. Kubota also gave the excavator a contoured tail design with shorter rear overhang for increased stability, work in tight spaces and easier transport.

The excavator runs on a 66.6-horsepower Kubota engine with increased service intervals for the regeneration filter and ash cleaner. An automatic regeneration system burns the leftover soot in the diesel particulate filter’s muffler, so you don’t have to stop work to clean the filter, the company says.

Some new standard technology for the model includes:

  • Engine Auto Stop, which automatically shuts off the engine after idling for a period of time pre-set by the operator.
  • Auto Idle, which reduces rpms when high engine speed isn’t needed. After 4 seconds of the control levers being in neutral, the engine will automatically idle. Engine rpms resume immediately when moving any control lever.
  • Auto-Shift, which adjusts travel speed to accommodate the terrain and needed traction for smoother operation when dozing and turning.

As an option, the KX080-5 can be equipped with a Hydraulic Angle Blade, which is operated by a rocker switch on the dozer lever. This allows the operator to angle the blade to push dirt off to the right or left. Kubota says this means the operator doesn’t have to keep repositioning the excavator at right angles when backfilling trenches. The angle blade and standard dozer blade also floats when finish grading over the filled trench, so you don’t have to adjust its height. You just travel backward.

Two auxiliary hydraulic circuits are available for the KX080-5, and their flow rates can be adjusted by the digital panel in the cab.

The KX080-5 is being shipped to Kubota dealers now. 

Quick Specs

  • Engine: 66.6 hp Kubota
  • Operating weight: 18,520 lbs.
  • Bucket breakout force: 14,660 lbs.
  • Max dig height: 23’ 11.4”
  • Max dump height: 17’ 2.7”
  • Max dig depth: 15’ 1.1”
  • Undercarriage width: 7’ 2.6”

Kubota KX080-5 compact excavatorEquipment World Kubota KX080-5 compact excavator rearEquipment World